Gaddie Wins Sculpture Commission

Matthew Gaddie

Matthew Gaddie landed a commission to create pieces for Four Roses Distillery in Kentucky.

Matthew Gaddie


  • Art & Archaeology

“I feel so prepared to face the world as a professional artist because of the many things I have learned at Hood College.” That’s what Matthew Gaddie emailed Ceramic Arts program director Joyce Michaud just after he landed a commission from the historic Four Roses Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Matthew has an M.A. in Ceramic Arts and is currently working toward his MFA from Hood.

He tells his most recent professional victory story like this: “Yesterday, with last minute notice, I was asked to meet with Four Roses Distillery about a wall project. I quickly put together a slide presentation, a bio, an artist statement, a few letters of recommendations and press release…. all items already on hand because of Hood. I went into a meeting room confident in my work and my presentation, and BOOM, I landed a huge commission for next year. I will be making a series of seven sculptures to go into their visitors center. The pieces will be used to educate the public about the processes involved in producing bourbon (a topic already close to my heart).”

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