Graduate Student Spotlight | Ilobekeme "Beke" Ojeifo

Ilobekeme Ojeifo

"I love MIS because the curriculum is flexible, and it teaches students to learn how best to manage information systems within any organization"

Ilobekeme "Beke" Ojeifo, M.S. Management Information Systems


  • Management Information Systems (M.S.)


  • The George B. Delaplaine Jr. School of Business
  • Computer Science & Information Technology

Ilobekeme "Beke" Ojeifo completed a bachelor's degree in Integrated Marketing Communication at Hood College. She is now enrolled in a master's program in Management Information System, and works in the Hood Graduate School as a graduate student assistant.

Please provide a brief bio including your educational and career background.

I am a Nigerian graduate student who recently completed my undergraduate program at Hood College with a major in Integrated Marketing Communication. I am currently enrolled in Hood College's Management Information Systems graduate program.

During the course of my undergraduate career, I worked as a Public Relations and Marketing intern at the Frederick Book Art Center. This internship taught me the crucial importance of building and maintaining relationships.

The greatest challenge that pushed me to do my best was working on a 9-week analysis project which focused on the use of social media for product and company awareness. I currently work as a graduate administrative assistant at the Hood Graduate School.

How did you end up at Hood College? What do you value the most about Hood Graduate School?

While attending community college, I was eager to attend a 4-year college as I did not want to only earn an Associate degree.

As I researched colleges and universities, I remembered that two of my siblings were graduate students at Hood College. This prompted me  to select Hood College for both my undergraduate and graduate studies.

What I value the most about Hood's Graduate School is the superb faculty members who work extremely hard to bring out the best in their students.

They always love to see their students succeed and make sure they do tremendously well.

What do you like the most about your graduate program? How does it help you with your skills development?

I love Management Information Systems because the curriculum is flexible, and it teaches students to learn how best to manage information systems within any organization.

So far, I l have learned the basic concepts of coding in Python language. I have also learned important administrative and effective communication skills needed in an IT organization.

As an international student, do you have any advice for MIS students who are getting ready to graduate and look for a job?

I love that the MIS program is so broad and provides limitless career paths. A piece of advice I would give current MIS students is to be always open to different areas!

Do not limit yourself to only one path. Allow your curiosity to open you to possibilities and change. Your career is not a final destination - it is a journey. You might be interested in one area today and, some years down the road, another field might spark your interest.

I encourage us all to constantly learn, even beyond the classroom walls and the MIS program. The more we learn, the more we become aware and remain relevant and adaptable.

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