Graduate Students Launch New Bioinformatics Club

Graduate students launch a new Bioinformatics Club

The Graduate School has established the Hood College Bioinformatics Club.

Bioinformatics Club


  • Bioinformatics (M.S.)
  • Bioinformatics (C)


  • Biology
  • Computer Science & Information Technology

As of the fall 2018 semester, the students and faculty in the bioinformatics program will have the opportunity to meet on a monthly basis and engage in discussions, activities and fun gatherings related to the world of bioinformatics. The most passionate supporters of the creation of this club were Miranda Darby, Ph.D., program director, and second-year bioinformatics students Conor Jenkins and Bianca Hoch. The club met for the first time Oct. 23 and welcomed a lively bunch of students who were eager to learn more about the opportunities offered through this new organization. The mission of the Bioinformatics Club is to provide “more information, opportunity and a sense of community” to bioinformatics students and all who are interested in this field.

Jenkins, club president, says there are several different initiatives they want to make happen in the near future including coding collaborations among the students and bringing bioinformatics to local high school students. He and Darby are already discussing the possibility of a bioinformatics conference on Hood's campus. They are looking into a variety of speakers and presenters to bring experience from the bioinformatics field to the group to help expand member knowledge and create a community that can also advance Hood’s internship opportunities in the region.

The group is already active on social media through Twitter @HoodBIFXclub and Facebook at If you are interested and would like to learn more about the club, please reach out to Jenkins or Darby at, or