Honors DC Trip Spring 2022

Honors Students Tour

Honors Students Explore Graffiti in Columbia Heights and Experience the National Cherry Blossom Festival

Honors Students Explore DC!

Imagine this: You’re walking around Columbia Heights. The scent of food is dancing around, never quite recognizable, there are vendors and colorful buildings with spires that almost seem to pierce through the sky. Before your eyes is history, made and in the making, on the walls of the neighborhoods. 

Next! Imagine this: You’re near the Washington Monument. Petals and kites are flying around on the occasional brisk breeze amidst an ever-shifting sea of people. The tidal basin is far from sight, but as you continue to walk you begin to see the ebb and flow of water dappled with petals.

Every trip we have is one to remember, especially when there’s something to learn. During March 26 students from the honors program, accompanied by Dr. Marcus, explored DC during the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Some went on a graffiti tour, where they learned about the history of graffiti in Columbia Heights, some of the major works in the area, and the relationships between the artists and the neighborhood residents. Others took a tour around the tidal basin, where they learned about the history of the memorials commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson. 

Regardless of which tour, or both tours, was attended, everyone had a wonderful time enjoying the sights, taking pictures, and exploring what DC had to offer!