Increasing Student Scholarships

Hood students marching down the quad.

Part three of the feature story in Hood Magazine fall 2023.

Forging the Future: The Campaign for Hood College

At Hood, the greatest priority is supporting students—Forging the Future is no exception. Donors raised $25 million exclusively for student scholarships. Considering that the original goal was $9 million, this is an astounding achievement.

Donors established 43 new named scholarships, such as the prestigious Chair of the Board Scholarship, which was funded with a lead gift from Judith E. Messina ’66, H’23, trustee emerita, and her husband David Fleischer. Additional support was provided by Cynthia Newby ’67, trustee emerita. This life-changing scholarship fully covers tuition for students with exceptional academic records.

“People feel good when they give to a place like Hood because they know they are transforming student lives,” says President Chapdelaine. “It’s very humbling to see the generosity of our donors and their faith in Hood College.”

Savannah Hinegardner ’24


Savannah Hinegardner ’24 is a social work major planning to pursue a career in human services. She is a recipient of the Jamey E. George Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to students with documented challenges or disabilities. Hinegardner is currently completing an intern- ship with Rock Creek School and is thrilled to be using her passion for social work to advocate for people in need.

“This scholarship allowed me to explore my academic interests more deeply and develop new skills. A recognition such as this motivates students to work harder and achieve their goals. It also rewards them for their dedication, which serves as an incentive for others to strive for excellence.”

Caylee M. Winpigler ’21


Caylee M. Winpigler ’21 was one of the first students to receive the Chair of the Board Scholarship. A history major, she completed a Summer Research Institute project in France. After earning her master’s from American University, Winpigler now works at the Ausherman Family Foundation and started the Young Professionals Group through the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce. She believes scholarships changed her life in every imaginable aspect.

“Scholarships are a critical part of helping students access higher education. Without
my scholarship, I would never have been in such an empowered situation to pursue higher education along with many of my other aspirations. My undergraduate education at Hood gave me confidence to tackle the real world. I developed my skills as a presenter, writer and researcher. These have proven to be boundlessly helpful after graduation.”

Remy Anderson ’24


Remy Anderson ’24 is an early childhood education major with a film studies minor. She is also a member of the Blazers women’s lacrosse team and a head resident assistant. Anderson served as an intern at the Georgetown Hill at Hood College Lab School, where she taught pre-K, and recently received the Johanna Chait Essex ’53 Prize in Early Childhood Education.

“Receiving scholarships helped me achieve my goals at Hood by letting me focus on my studies and interests to foster self-growth and discovery without worrying about anything else. I believe scholarships and awards are important for students in higher education because they allow students to freely find what they are passionate about without worrying about not being able to support it financially.”

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