Kelli Green Receives Outstanding Educational Leadership Award

Kelli Green receives award

Kelli began her Hood career in 2008, graduating in 2011 with a certification in secondary education with a concentration in English.

Kelli Green

Graduation Year



Certification in Secondary Education

Since then, she has been teaching for Frederick County Public Schools at Frederick High School.
Kelli is a teacher-leader and a member of FCPS' Vanguard program, a partnership between FCPS and Hood that includes classes promoting leadership, with a focus on mindset, instructional technology, teaching practices, professional learning and networking. As a teacher, she excels at integrating technology in a way that benefits students. She is also working at the forefront of FCPS’ "Competency-Based Learning" initiative.  
Special thanks to Dr. Keith Harris, M.S. ’99, who funds the Outstanding Educational Leadership award.