The Leadership Academy

The Energy Bus

Baseball coach Mike Impellittiere teaches a leadership academy aboard the Energy Bus on campus.

Leadership Academy Inspired by "The Energy Bus"

On Thursday nights, baseball coach Mike Impellittiere drives a bus with more than 30 Hood College students on board; the energy bus, that is. Jon Gordon’s 2007 book “The Energy Bus” inspired Impellittiere to teach a course, the Leadership Academy, that focuses on effective leadership, being the best version of yourself and lifting up those around you.

Impellittiere begins the class by asking students to evaluate where they are now and envision where they want to be in the next five years. This self-evaluation leads into a discussion of the 10 rules Gordon describes in “The Energy Bus.” The list of rules includes: invite people on your bus and share your vision for the road ahead, don’t waste your energy on those who don’t get on your bus, and love your passengers.” Every day we have a choice to focus on the good or focus on the bad. Choosing to ride the energy bus helps us become positive influences on those around us.

Impellittiere hopes this course will cause a ripple effect of positivity campus wide starting with the athletic programs. He commented on the positive culture he has fostered with the baseball team and how it goes hand in hand with “The Energy Bus.”

Impellittiere said, “the team concentrates on family, love and sacrifice.” As a family, they sit together and build each other up. The team shows love through the ways they give back to the Frederick community. Lastly, the baseball team sacrifices their time by working hard during practice.

The material Impellittiere teaches is applicable to the campus, athletic departments and life. This is a voluntary course; students sign up without receiving credit. He hopes students will leave his class with a developed vision and the ability to be the best leaders they can be. So join Coach Impellittiere on the energy bus, and bring a friend with you!