Meet Alumna Maryam Faiz | information technology M.S.'16

Maryam Faiz

"The classes in information technology I took at Hood College prepared me to perform my current day-to-day work assignments with confidence and expertise"

Maryam Faiz, M.S. information technology

Graduation Year



  • Information Technology (M.S.)
  • Cybersecurity (M.S., C)


  • Computer Science & Information Technology

Can you share your educational and career background?

After working in the IT industry for several years, I enrolled as an international F1 student in Hood College’s graduate program in information technology. I received my graduate degree in 2016 and currently work as a Support & Sustaining Engineer in a fast-evolving software company called Cloudbolt Software.

The company is a leading innovator in software cloud management. My responsibilities include training new hires and customers on the use of our company’s products. When our customers face issues with cloud management, I step in to identify whether the issue is related to software bugs or other issues. Given to my company’s fast-paced environment, my job never gets boring. 

Why did you choose Hood College and how has it helped your career?

I chose Hood College because of the quality of its education and its diverse student body. The IT classes I took at Hood College prepared me to perform my current day-to-day work assignments with confidence and expertise. My course assignments varied from software troubleshooting to identifying software errors and fixing them by writing quality code.

How did you leverage your IT graduate degree at your current workplace?

As part of my IT graduate degree, I took courses in systems engineering, network communication, object-oriented design, python programming, digital forensics, and databases. All these courses provided extensive knowledge that allows me to analyze, design, upgrade, and troubleshoot in a multi-cloud complex software environment.

What message do you have for Hood College students currently looking for jobs?

My advice for current Hood College students would be the following: Have faith in your abilities and stay confident; focus on your courses and fully engage in your assignments; and have faith in the knowledge and experience you are receiving at Hood College.

What did you enjoy about Hood College? Do you have a favorite memory?

I have many fond Hood College memories including the first day I arrived straight from the airport after a long international flight. I will never forget the warm welcome I received from Hood staff members upon my arrival. They assured me that Hood College was my second home.

I also fondly remember the wonderful food in Coblentz Hall, as well as the many cultural events celebrated on campus including Diwali, Ramadan, Eid, and Halloween that allowed students to connect and share experiences and cultures. 

Any other information/fun facts you would like to share?

I would add Hood College’s library was my go-to place. The library has a wide book collection that I always enjoyed reading.

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