Meet Caitlyn-Jean

Cailtyn-Jean Ward

From a young age, Caitlyn-Jean Ward ’18 was fascinated by history, people and cultures.

She knows the impact of a Hood education.

Graduation Year



  • Art & Archaeology, Archaeology Concentration (B.A.)


  • Art & Archaeology

When she visited Hood College and learned about the art and archaeology program, Caitlyn-Jean knew she was in the right place.

“In the beginning, I was just a girl from a small town who loved history and the study of people.”

Caitlyn-Jean’s adviser connected her with a fieldwork opportunity at James Madison’s Montpelier, which included hands-on excavations and scholarly research alongside professional archaeologists. After graduating from Hood, Caitlyn-Jean was invited to return to Montpelier for a year-long internship.

“This exactly what I came to Hood to do—to be an anthropologist—a person who studies the world around them to teach others.”

As a direct result of that experience, Caitlyn-Jean accepted a position with AECOM, one of the nation’s largest engineering firms. Now, Caitlyn-Jean is living her dream, working to process archaeological collections from across the U.S.

“No matter where you go or what you do, your resume states that you got your degree from Hood and that is something that speaks volumes about who you are.”