The Outstanding Computer Science Student Award

Anwar Husain

Anwar Husain, who already has an M.D./Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology, graduated with an M.S. in computer science from Hood.

Anwar Husain

Graduation Year



  • Computer Science (M.S.)

His interest and goals are to use his advanced work in computer science to complement his prior background, as he ventures towards a career in bioinformatics

Anwar decided on the bioinformatics field as it melds together the areas of medicine and computer science, his previous background and his current degree. Anwar has worked on developing an efficient machine learning-based model to best assess network intrusion data in predicting attack types.

Currently, Anwar is a post-doctoral research fellow in bioinformatics at The Johns Hopkins University.

The Outstanding Computer Science Award is funded anonymously in memory of Bryce Blackwell Beecham, whose husband David Blackwell was present at the Award Recipient Reception. Mr. Blackwell along with Dr. George Dimitoglou, director of the Center for Computer Security and Information Assurance, congratulated Anwar on his accomplishments and presented him with the award.

We wish Anwar all the best in his future endeavors!