Supporting Faculty in Teaching and Research

A photo of a Hood professor teaching a class.

Part four of the feature story in Hood Magazine fall 2023.

Forging the Future: The Campaign for Hood College


  • Computer Science & Information Technology

While student support remains paramount, investment in Hood’s exceptional faculty is critical to providing a high-quality education. The campaign collected $2.8 million to support pedagogical and scholarly practice. McCardell Grants enable professors across many disciplines to complete research projects, write papers, create art, present at conferences and utilize their expertise inside and outside the classroom. From studying lobster larvae in Maine and promoting access to renewable energy in Nepal to deconstructing gender roles in Regency France and composing original poetry collections, Hood faculty do so much more than teach.

Jiang Li, Ph.D., assistant professor of computer science

“My McCardell Grant helped me conduct cross-curriculum research on integrating computer science and computational thinking (CT) elements into the education curriculum. This work is important because we want to prepare teachers for the future, when CT thinking concepts will be foundational elements to their students. Hood’s faculty funding is very important for us to conduct research, stay ahead of the field and explore interdisciplinary opportunities.”