Suzanna Codd ’24 | Maryland State Archive Internship

A photo of Suzanna Codd

Suzanna Codd ’24, a history major with a public history concentration, completed a 10-week internship with the Maryland State Archive.

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Although it is rooted in studying the past, the history program at Hood College is always looking toward the future. In addition to taking an array of classes that cover subjects from the ancient world through recent American and global topics, history majors like Suzanna Codd ’24 also participate in relevant, impactful internships to get real-world experience before graduating into their field. Codd, whose concentration is in public history, had the opportunity to work for the Maryland State Archives (MSA) in Annapolis, Maryland.

Codd participated in the 10-week internship working in the reference department, whose mission is to make records available to the public. She assisted reference archivists with their daily tasks, learned about their day-to-day workflow and completed vital orders, such as birth, marriage or death records.

While she worked directly in the reference department, Codd also interacted with other departments within MSA. “I was able to participate in field trips and other outreach programs organized by the institution as well,” Codd said. “I also had the opportunity to shadow the conservation department, which taught me some of the basics regarding the proper care of records, such as how they should be stored.”

The internship deeply impacted Codd and her study of history. She was grateful for the hands-on experience and the opportunity to make connections within the field. Her favorite part was assisting in the research process. “I was happy to see people visiting the archive who had a genuine interest in local history,” she said. “Being a part of their research experience was particularly rewarding.”

For Codd, being a history major means connecting with the past and with herself. “I believe that our individual histories contribute greatly to our identities and that it is important to be aware of where we came from. I grew up in a historical house, and this close, daily contact with history inspired me to consider why and how the events of the past shape the present.”

Codd always knew she wanted to be a history major, but it was the concentration on public history that drew her to Hood. “This concentration gave me a clearer direction in which to use my degree post-graduation,” she said.

For other students who want to pursue history, Codd offers this advice: get experience and make connections. “Volunteer at local historical institutions and apply for internships. Out-of-the-classroom practice will help you determine what direction you want to take with your history degree. Building connections is also a crucial tool because you learn so much from everyone you meet, and it is beneficial to have professionals who can put in a good word for you.”

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