Graduate Course Registration

Students can find the academic calendar, course catalog and other important resources on the registrar website.

Current Students

The fastest way to register for courses is through Self Service, Hood’s student portal. Students will need to provide a username and password.  Registrations for theses, independent studies, research projects and capstones must be done through the Graduate Permission to Enroll form found online at  

Elective Internship Registration

Students who wish to enroll in an elective internship course, should review the process and obtain the internship application form online at

The registrar's office can process written course registrations in the following ways:

Newly Admitted Students

Initial registrations for newly admitted students must be done through the online registration form (  and will be processed by the Registrar's office.  After initial registration is completed, the student login will generate overnight and will be sent by the Graduate School office. 

Search Class Schedule

The class schedule is available in Self Service.  You do not need a login to search the schedule, but you can follow the instructions  to see what courses are available in your area of study.  To view the course description, click on the course number on the schedule, which is hyperlinked.

Tuition and Fees

Please refer to the Accounting Services site for information about tuition and fees and payment plan.

Resolving a Hold (STOP)

If you attempt to register for coursework and see a message that your account is on a stop list that prevents registration, you must address the requirements with the appropriate department so the hold can be removed. View Resolving a Hold for instructions and a list of stops with responsible departments.

Registration Dates

Course registrations are accepted and processed up until the start of the semester. Once the semester begins, any changes or additions to course registrations must be submitted in writing to the registrar's office during the drop/add period indicated on the academic calendar. Students who wish to register for courses during the drop or add period must provide written permission from the course instructor to the registrar's office prior to processing the registration. Any courses dropped during the drop or add period are limited to an 80 percent tuition refund, unless the course has not yet met at the time the registrar receives the drop request.

Upcoming registration dates

For Summer and Fall 2024, the schedule will be released on Self Service in late March and registration opens:

  • Current graduate students’ registration begins Monday, April 15, 2024
  • New and non-degree students’ registration begins Monday, April 22, 2024

Registration through Self Service remains open until the start of each term.  Refer to the Academic Calendar for term start and end dates, drop/add periods, and course withdrawal deadlines.

Instructor approval

Students who wish to enroll in coursework for which the prerequisites have not been completed must first obtain written instructor approval and forward that approval to the registrar's office at for processing. Email addresses of faculty and staff can be found through the search function on the Hood College website ( 

Weekend courses

To register for more than one weekend course in a semester, please submit the online registration form (see above) as Self Service does not recognize the different meeting dates, and a time conflict message will need to be overridden.

Course withdrawals

After the drop/add period in any given semester, students may submit the Course Withdrawal form to withdraw from coursework by the deadline listed in the academic calendar. A student who withdraws after the drop/add period will receive a grade of ‘W’ on their transcript, which carries no academic penalty. Students who withdraw from coursework after the drop/add deadline are still responsible for the tuition and fees associated with that coursework. Failure to attend class does not constitute a withdrawal, unless the instructor wishes to issue an administrative withdrawal from the class.  In that event, a student will receive a grade of "WX."  

Non-Degree Seeking Students

The Graduate School offers courses for individuals who hold at least a bachelor’s degree and are interested in non-degree studies for professional development, continuing education or personal enrichment. Hood also provides the opportunity to sample a graduate degree program before deciding to apply. Up to twelve credits taken as a non-degree student may apply towards degree requirements for a master’s or certificate program. More information along with the non-degree registration form, may be found at

Students who have never taken graduate coursework at Hood, must complete the non-degree graduate application and registration form. You must also submit a copy of an official transcript to the registrar’s office at for verification of bachelor’s degree prior to enrollment. Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 (3.0 for counseling coursework) to register as a non-degree student. Students who have previously taken graduate coursework at Hood, can complete the Online Registration Form, indicating the request to enroll as non-degree in the comments/note section of the form. Priority enrollment in graduate classes is given to degree-seeking students. Program director and/or instructor approval may be required for non-degree registration (counseling coursework requires program director approval and registrations may be held until degree-seeking students are enrolled) and additional information may be required for registration approval. Tuition is charged based on the coursework being taken.  Before completing the registration form, please review the tuition rates for the academic year on the accounting services web page.

Please direct questions to the registrar’s office, 301-696-3616 or

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