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We are committed to purposeful tuition pricing and pride ourselves on having one of the most affordable per-credit costs, not just in Maryland, but in the nation. We think a graduate degree priced at around $10K is one of the best returns on investment you can get, given the immediate pay increase our graduates experience.
--April Boulton, Ph.D., Dean of the Graduate School

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There are more than 313,000 Cybersecurity Job Openings

Data breaches and cyber attacks. More than 30 percent of organizations surveyed reported having been affected by cybercrime. Experts anticipate cybercrime damages exceeding $6 trillion per year by 2021. There are more positions than people to fill them. Now is the time to join the growing field of cybersecurity and learn to protect valuable data assets and develop cyber skills.

  • 100 percent expected cybersecurity employment rate through 2021
  • More than 48,000 cybersecurity opportunities in Maryland and Virginia
  • More than 313,000 cybersecurity job openings in the U.S.
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Prepare for Top Positions

  • Cybersecurity engineer, analyst or consultant
  • Systems engineer or administrator
  • Software developer/engineer
  • Vulnerability analyst
  • Penetration tester
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Study at a College with a Strong Academic Reputation

  • One of the lowest tuition rates in the nation
  • 24/7 online accessibility -- attend class when it's convenient for you
  • Practitioner-based faculty -- learn from professionals in the field
  • Classes capped at 20 -- you're not just a number in an internet chasm
  • The same curriculum our on-campus program 

One of the Lowest Tuition Rates in the Nation


Expected Employment Rate through 2021


Graduate in as few as 15 months

Richard Roth

Faculty Focus | Professor Richard Roth Discusses Cybersecurity

Richard Roth, Adjunct Faculty Faculty Graduate School Graduate Student

"I want students to have the skills they need to open doors for themselves, and then to be able to excel in their endeavors, and to set themselves apart from the crowd"

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