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NCAA Blanket Waiver

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has granted spring and fall 2020 student athletes a Blanket Waiver during COVID-19. The NCAA blanket waiver allows Hood College student athletes to get this year of eligibility back, extending their college playing opportunity for another year.

  • Fall athletes can save one class for their last semester and play in the fall (4 ½ years)
  • Spring athletes can save 15 credits and spread them out over their fifth year (12 credits in the fall, 3 credits in the spring).
  • Spring athletes can take the next fall semester off and take the remaining credits (more than or less than 12 credits) in the spring.
  • Spring athletes can go to graduate school at Hood (or transfer elsewhere). 
  • Student-athletes do not need to do anything to be granted the waiver because it is a blanket waiver. There is no need to apply for it - the student athletes just need to let their coach know that they would like to take advantage of the waiver. 
  • Student-athletes are asked to enroll in at least 15/16 credit hours each semester.  
  • If a student-athlete drops below 12 credit hours they cannot practice or play.
  • If a student-athlete is withdrawn from a class and they practice or play while being enrolled in less than 12 credit hours athletics has to report this to the NCAA and harsh penalties may be enforced (no play-offs, fines, student loses eligibility, etc.).
  • If a student-athlete is in their last semester they can be enrolled in less than 12 credits, as long as the credits they are taking are required for graduation.
  • Student-athletes can also complete in their "extra" semester as a graduate student. If so, they must be enrolled in 9 graduate credits (full-time graduate student) during the semester in which they compete.

Before opting into the waiver, students should talk with the Office of Financial Aid about implications on extending time to degree.

Students should also complete the Undergraduate Change of Expected Graduation Date Form.

For more information about how to opt into the NCAA Blanket Waiver, please contact:

Susan Kolb, Director of Athletes
* For general questions

Nick Masucci, Assistant Director of Graduate Admission
* For questions about graduate programs


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