Tuition & Fees

At Hood, we understand the cost of pursuing an advanced degree can be expensive.  We have done our best over the years to keep costs down and make education affordable.  We offer some of the lowest prices for a graduate degree in Maryland while improving the delivery of our education and the student's experience in the classroom.  After graduation, our students re-emerge into the workforce with a new energy to make a difference not only in their own lives, but in the lives of others.

Hood College Tuition Payment Plan

The Tuition Payment Plan allows students to pay a semester's tuition and fees over a four- or five-month period. Monthly payments are deducted from a checking or savings account or by credit card. 

Veterans Benefits

Hood College provides services to veterans and dependents of veterans eligible for veterans' educational benefits, including the Yellow Ribbon Scholarship Program. Information about veterans' benefits is available through the Office of Financial Aid.

International Students 

  • Demonstrate you have access to $30,000 per academic year to support your studies, live, and travel. If you require a dependent F-2 visa, please certify an additional $7,000 for each dependent such as a spouse or child.
  • Scholarship documents showing your financial guarantee (if you are being supported by a scholarship). If you are a SACM student, you would need a valid financial guarantee letter.
  • If you have a sponsor who will support your education, you will need to complete the affidavit of support and provide bank statements as discussed previously  
  • Please upload the copy of financial documents as part of complete your I-20 application

Tuition (August to May)

Tuition Fees Per Credit ( X 18 Credits)

Semester Comprehensive Fees

Total Credits 36 - 54

One class is typically 3 credits. A student pursuing a business degree is charged $605 per credit. If a student takes 6 classes during the academic year (August to May) it would equal 18 credits at a total cost of $10,890 for tuition only. The total tuition costs for the program excluding semester comprehensive fees is typically $21,780.

  • Accounting (Certificate)
  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Financial Management (Certificate)
  • Organizational Management (Certificate)