new residence hall

New Residence Hall

Opening August 2020, Hood College's newest residential building (to be named later) will house 201 upperclass students in suites and semi-suites.


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The first floor will feature the honors program office suite on the south end and the nine residents living in the honors program housing on the north end. It will include a multi-purpose room, vending area, laundry room, large kitchen and lounge area. The second, third, fourth, and fifth floors will each have a resident assistant, two lounge areas, a printing station, and students living in semi-suites and suites.


Semi-suite: A room or a set of two adjoining rooms with the semi-suite's residents sharing a bathroom area.

Suite: A set of two adjoining rooms which share a bathroom area and a living room area.

Bathroom: In each suite and semi-suite, the bathroom area will have the toilet, shower, and sink area separated so that they may be simultaneously used by suite-mates.

Floor Plans and Room Rates

Click below to see floor plans based on the room type and review room rates. Additionally, scroll to the bottom of the page to view a video and click on the side arrows for a picture slideshow.

3-person semi-suite

There are five 3-person (singles) semi-suites in the new residence hall. One of these is located on the first floor and is designated honors program housing.

2-person semi-suite

There are 19 2-person (one double) semi-suites in the new residence hall. Three of these are located on the first floor and are designated honors program housing.

This floorplan shows a typical room on the right side with furniture for two students; the left side shows a resident assistant room with one set of furniture. There will be an RA on floors two through five. Most 2-person semi-suite configurations will not be neighboring an RA room.

4-person semi-suite

There are 20 4-person (two doubles) semi-suites

4 person suite

There are 16 4-person (two doubles) suites.

Rendering of a suite common living room area
Rendering of a suite common living room area

Rooms in the new residence hall are at a higher rate than other buildings as it has new amenities and contains semi-suites and suites enabling students to share their bathroom with fewer students.

New residence hall room rates:

Semi-suite - shared room: $4,200 per semester
Semi-suite - single room: $4,500 per semester
Suite - shared room:  $4,500 per semester

Room rates for other buildings:

Shared room: $3,300 per semester
Single room: $3,815 per semester


Click here for updated fall 2020 rates.