4Plus Dual Degree Request Form

This form will be used to determine your eligibility to pursue a 4Plus Dual Degree program.  You can find information required for this form at the top of your Degree Progress Report in Self Service.

I understand that acceptance to the 4Plus path does not guarantee full admission to the graduate program.

I understand that I must submit an official application to the Graduate School in my senior year, for the term in which I plan on beginning the graduate program solely (after bachelor’s degree conferral), to be considered for full admission into the graduate program.

If accepted into a 4Plus program that allows for 9 credits of graduate coursework to count for both undergraduate and graduate credit, I understand the Dual Degree Enrollment Form must also be submitted to identify that coursework.

I understand that if I am not accepted into the 4Plus path, I can still apply to the Hood graduate school for regular admission after my undergraduate degree has been conferred.