HS and ISHB Comprehensive Exam Intent Form

HS and ISHB Comprehensive Exam Intent Form


This form serves as official notice to the Registar’s office that you intend to take the comp exam and that you have been in communication with your academic advisor. For the Spring exam period, the deadline to submit the form is Jan. 31, 2020. 

Comp Exam Information:

  • The exam will include two questions from each of the five courses you select. You will answer one question for each course.
  • The exam must include at least three PSY courses.
  • You choose the three questions you wish to answer in the morning session and which two to answer in the afternoon session.
  • Courses currently in progress may not be included on the exam unless approved by advisor and instructor.
  • The following may not be chosen for examination: PSY 508, THAN 510, 1-credit seminars, independent studies, courses from other departments or courses transferred from other institutions.