Center for Teaching & Learning

About the Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning is a welcoming and inspiring resource, collaborating with faculty, staff and students to promote ideas to enhance learning. The center provides support and encouragement to explore, develop and refine teaching pedagogy to promote academic excellence, and it is committed to promoting teaching and learning as ongoing and collaborative processes of inquiry, experimentation and reflection.

The center’s mission is to:

  • Promote the value and practice of excellent teaching both in and out of the classroom to facilitate student learning and growth;
  • Serve as an on-campus resource that provides professional development opportunities to promote teaching and learning;
  • Provide opportunities for faculty to reflect on their work, share and learn from the experiences and expertise of their colleagues;
  • Encourage faculty collaboration to enhance and refine their teaching;
  • Promote active engagement and innovation in teaching and learning; and
  • Act as a hub for knowledge of effective, evidence-based practices as well as a conduit to bring faculty together.

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Upcoming CTL Events for Faculty & Staff

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To access previous event recordings, materials, and additional resources, go to the CTL site on Blackboard!

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CTL Monthly Newsletter

The CTL Newsletter is distributed mid-month Aug-April. Past issues listed below & uploaded to the CTL BlackBoard page.

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) condemns all forms of systemic racism, bias, and aggression against Black people, indigenous peoples, people of color, and those of marginalized genders, as well as discrimination based on socioeconomic status.  We understand that excellence in teaching, by definition, must reflect our shared humanity and promote inclusive practices such as:

  • being conscious of biases, racial abuse, micro-aggressions, and those who are minimized or left out;
  • understanding and supporting those underrepresented in our Hood community; and
  • promoting ways to actively foster equity, diversity and inclusion in our classrooms, research, and publications.

The CTL is determined to raise awareness of all those who have been systematically oppressed and call upon Hood faculty to join us in this commitment to create a more inclusive world. As members of the CTL Advisory Board, we stand united and affirm that Black Lives Matter.