April Boulton

Boulton photo_2020
  • Undergraduate Faculty
  • Graduate Faculty

Associate Professor of Biology

Dean of the Graduate School

Apple Building (3rd Floor), The Graduate School


As an associate professor of biology, I have taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in environmental biology, insect ecology and general biology.

I have mentored graduate researchers in a variety of insect fields from urban ecology to natural restoration of imperiled species, and have published articles on population dynamics of arachnids, desert ecology of insects, and community ecology of ground-foraging ants.

My current research focuses on insect diversity in urban and suburban settings (especially college campuses) and on how dominant ant species affect the soil foodweb at both local and landscape levels. I have served as a reviewer for academic conferences and peer-reviewed journals.

In early 2018, I was named dean of the Graduate School.


  • Ph. D., University of California, Davis
  • M. S., Bucknell University
  • B. S., Centre College