Department of Biology

    From investigating genes and cells to studying ecosystems, we emphasize a strong foundation in biology that includes practical classroom, laboratory and field experiences.

    Both programs benefit from Hood’s graduate programs in biomedical science and environmental biology; seniors have opportunities to take advanced elective courses that are generally not offered at small liberal arts colleges.

    Graduates have expressed that this provides a real head start for graduate school, medical school and the job market.

    Upcoming Events 

    Fall 2021 Seminar Series 

    Unless noted, seminars are held from 1:00-1:50 pm (EST) either Zoom or in-person in Hodson Science & Technology Center room 131. Open to all Hood undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Dahewan Kim
    Meeting ID: 266 152 1685
    Passcode: 494161

    September 21

    Viral clearance in the biopharmaceutical industry
    Dr. Alysia Birkholz
    Chief Operating Officer
    Texcell-North America, Inc. 

    October 5
    HT 131

    Diagnostic and Drug Development: Emphasis on the mRNA vaccine platform
    Dr. Gene Olinger
    Principal Advisor, Life Sciences Capability Lead
    Global Health Surveillance & Diagnostic Team

    October 7

    A road to the Academic entrepreneurship: A project called NEOGENYS
    Dr. Gustavo Cruzeiro
    Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
    Harvard University, Department of Pediatrics

    November 11
    HT 131

    Staring into the eye of the sea lamprey: Using chemistry to study the life history of a highly migratory fish
    Dr. Thomas Evans
    Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
    Cornell University, Department of Natural Resources & the Environment 

    November 16 
    Downstream process development for synthetic amino acid purification
    Dr. Iman Tabar
    Manager - Crystallization & Chromatography Tech
    Archer-Danierls-Midland (ADM)


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