Department of Biology

    From investigating genes and cells to studying ecosystems, we emphasize a strong foundation in biology that includes practical classroom, laboratory and field experiences.

    Both programs benefit from Hood’s graduate programs in biomedical science and environmental biology; seniors have opportunities to take advanced elective courses that are generally not offered at small liberal arts colleges.

    Graduates have expressed that this provides a real head start for graduate school, medical school and the job market.

    Upcoming Events 

    Spring 2021 Seminar Series 

    Unless noted, seminars are held from 1:00-2:00 PM via Zoom conference. Open to all Hood undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff. Zoom links are hyperlinked in the seminar names and the recordings can be found here

    February 16 

    Optimizing Advanced Biofuel Production
    Robert Kozak 
    Atlantic Biomass Conversions

    February 23

    Decoding the complexity of membrane tethering and fusion 
    Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed 
    Research Assistant Professor
    Department of Cell and Developmental Biology 
    Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

    February 25 

    Understanding human obesity through studying a bottom-feeding fish
    Dr. Yass Kobayashi 
    Associate Professor
    Department of Biological Sciences 
    Fort Hayes State University

    March 2

    Taking Physiology to the Field: Why Do Energetics Matter?
    Adam Parlin 
    Postdoctoral Fellow 
    Department of Biological Sciences 
    University of Cincinatti 

    March 4 

    No time to fly: stress and timing in avian models
    Dr. Stephen Ferguson 
    Visiting Assistant Professor 
    Department of Biology 
    College of Wooster 



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    Daehwan Kim

    Meet Faculty Member Daehwan Kim

    Daehwan Kim Faculty

    Professor Daehwan Kim strives to help underrepresented students enjoy science and biology.

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