Jennifer C. Ross

Jennifer Ross
  • Undergraduate Faculty
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Professor of Art and Archaeology

Department Chair

Tatem Arts Center, Room 103


My research and teaching focus on societies of the Middle East, but also extend into many other regions of the globe. I have a particular interest in the rise of cities and governments, and attendant changes in social relationships and technologies as cultures develop.

My book, co-authored with Sharon Steadman, SUNY-Cortland, Ancient Complex Societies (Routledge, 2017), looks at many of these issues, and touches on a wide range of ancient cultures, from China and the Mediterranean Region to the Americas.

I have been excavating in Turkey since 1997, and am the Associate Director of the Çadır Höyük Archaeology Project, an international team of archaeologists and specialists research a site occupied from the Chalcolithic Period (the sixth millennium B.C.E.) to the Byzantine Era (ending around 1100 C.E.).


  • Ph.D., Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of California-Berkeley
  • M.A., Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of California-Berkeley
  • A.B., Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, Bryn Mawr College