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4PLUS Biology (B.A.)/Biomedical Science (M.S.) Program

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About this Program

The Department of Biology offers a dual-degree program for motivated, academically talented students.

Program Overview

Within the five-year period, students complete the undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Biology and the Master of Science in Biomedical Science. Due to the condensed nature of the dual-degree program, interested students are strongly encouraged to plan their coursework with their faculty adviser during their first semester at the College. 

With a master’s degree in biomedical science, you’ll have the skills needed to become an immediate contributor in the growing life sciences industry.

This program offers a more comprehensive learning opportunity if you want to pursue a career in medicine, pharmacy and other health- and science-related professions. Through coursework and research, you’ll be able to incorporate the challenges of modern medicine into your field of work.

Transfer students may apply for the 4PLUS program after the first semester of their junior year. These students may be admitted into the accelerated program but will usually need at least one additional semester of graduate coursework in order to complete both degrees.

Degrees Offered

  • BA
  • MS

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Ann Boyd

Ann L. Boyd

  • Professor of Biology
  • Program Director, Master's in Biomedical Science