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Actuarial Science (Minor)

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About this Program

Actuaries are business professionals who use their knowledge of mathematics and finance to manage risk and uncertainty for companies.

Program Overview

Actuaries work for or partner with a wide range of industries, including insurance companies, private corporations and government agencies. Consistently ranked as having a strong career outlook, actuaries enjoy competitive salaries and high rates of job satisfaction. The actuarial science minor at Hood College prepares students for a career in this exciting field.

Students pursuing this minor usually major in a related field; students with majors other than the ones listed below should contact the coordinator to design an appropriate program.

Want to learn more about the actuarial science minor? Please refer to the course requirements or contact us today.

Degrees Offered

  • Minor

Program Contact

Department Chair of Mathematics Associate Professor of Mathematics


Fast Fact

The student-to-faculty ratio is 11:1.

All Faculty

James Parson

  • Department Chair of Mathematics
  • Associate Professor of Mathematics