After the Pitch: Game Envy

Kit and Ali

Kit Peteranecz, owner of Game Envy, and his wife, Ali Peteranecz ’06, have expanded their product lines and markets since the 2018 Hood Pitch Competition.

Kit and Ali Peteranecz ’06

Explain your products.

All of our products are on our website at Our flagship product is the Hobby Holder, an all-in-one miniature painting handle and grip. It is an ergonomic holder for painting miniatures. It consists of four parts: the threaded base, two sizes of stability bar, and the ergonomic grip. The original Hobby Holder parts were the threaded base and the original stability bar. Our new Kickstarter campaign was for the ergonomic grip and the XL stability bar. After fulfillment of the new Kickstarter campaign, we will have more than 8,000 painters across the world in more than 56 countries using the Hobby Holder.

We also have released more than 15 new products including a line of brush stands and rests in various sizes, scenic miniature display bases, and paint brush cleaners.

What conventions have you been to specifically, and why are they significant?

We’ve been to NOVA Open, which is the largest war gaming convention on the East Coast. That brings in painters from around the world. We’ve been to Baltimore Comic-Con. We went to PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, which is the largest board gaming convention on the East Coast, and that one brings in 40,000 to 60,000 attendees. We went to Las Vegas Open, which is the largest war gaming convention on the West Coast. We’re also going to Adepticon in Illinois, which is the largest war gaming convention in the US. It’s where the Crystal Brush Awards are held, which is one of the top miniature painting competitions in the world.

What products do you have in development?

We are currently working with a brush maker out of the UK to release a special line of sable miniature painting brushes. We’re also creating handcrafted display plinths for commission painters and display painters. And we’re moving into board game accessories as well, so dice towers, dice trays, that kind of stuff. We also have a few more hobby accessories that are in development that are more transport and organization oriented.

For our latest products, visit our website at!

What’s your typical day like now?

I get up and help get the boys ready for school and take our youngest. I do my Bible study, eat my breakfast and read some. I go to my office downstairs around 9 and in whatever order the day throws at me, answer emails, fill orders, run to the post office, take photos, sketch, and model and prototype new products. Then I pick up our youngest. As I have time, I also continue to paint miniatures and stay connected with the hobby community.

When does this become too big to be a home operation?

Already! As I move more into wood and handcrafted products, storage space for equipment is an issue. Right now, we cut most of our laser cut projects to order, and I am looking to increase production with a second laser cutter. I only have four of my six 3D printers set up. So we already need to move out. We are currently working on getting a shop space created, so we can move most of the woodworking equipment out there and free up space for storage.

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