After the Pitch: MOD Nutrition

Chelsea Young

Chelsea Young ’14, owner of MOD Nutrition, has expanded her clientele since the 2018 Hood Pitch Competition. She is now serving meals and coaching nutrition in the Columbia and Baltimore areas.

MOD Nutrition with Chelsea Young

Graduation Year


How did you start your business?

Starting with the meal prep, it spread through word of mouth. It wasn’t a big idea at first; my goal wasn’t to start a meal prep business. I started meal prepping for a friend in the gym, and from there, more people in the gym asked about it, and it caught on. I started meal prepping more for people and decided I should take this into a business.

What services have you added since the Pitch Competition?

The nutrition segment came about a year after I started my business. I wanted to gain more knowledge and background on everything I was putting together and the product I was providing as far as meal prepping. That’s when I got my nutrition certification and moved forward with coaching clients one on one.

How has your clientele grown?

When I started, I was in Frederick, so it was mostly people at the gym and in Frederick. My largest clientele now is at this location (12 Labours CrossFit) in Columbia. I still have a large demographic in Frederick, but it’s definitely shifted in the past year. I think it’s because I’m more involved now in the gym, since I’m coaching here, so more people are interested in the meals. But I still do serve Frederick and other areas.

Which fitness facilities do you work with?

I work with 12 Labours and CrossFit ReVamped in Columbia, SEYA CrossFit & Wellness in Baltimore, and Odin CrossFit in Frederick. Those are gyms that have clients who I serve, whether that’s delivering meals, nutrition coaching, or both. Some gyms also order meals in bulk for their members. Everything is based on what the gym needs, and we come up with a customized plan. The majority of clients want meal prep and nutrition coaching.

How much of a time commitment is this for you?

It’s part-time right now. It was a huge goal in the Pitch Competition to take this on full time. But there are still some things I want to structure correctly before I take the business on full time. My goal is to go full time sometime in 2019. Once I’m full time, I will need to hire at least two other people, including eventually a full-time cook.

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