Alumni Spotlight | Rachel Hodge ’20

Rachel Hodge

Rachel Hodge ’20, a global studies major, discusses what attracted her to the program and life after graduation.



  • Global Studies (B.A.)


  • Political Science

What attracted you to the global studies major?

When I started college, I truly thought I had my life figured out—what nonsense for a 17-year-old to think! Within the first two weeks of school, I recognized the major I selected did not fit my life goals and interests. I was attracted to the global studies major, as I recognized my passion for international development and policy analysis. I could tell both the courses and professors offered thought-provoking and rigorous work. From broad courses that covered an array of topics to niche classes specializing in a unique topic, I always felt enthralled in the class while challenged academically.

Did you have a double major and/or minors that complemented global studies?

While in the global studies program, I received a language certificate in German. The programs complemented each other well and immersed me into our language and global community at Hood.

Did you participate in any meaningful programs or experiences through global studies?

Throughout my college career, I participated in various internships and extracurricular activities. One of my favorite internships was with Heartly House and Frederick’s Human Trafficking Response Team. My education meshed well with real life experiences; I was able to learn about domestic violence, trafficking and the treatment of women through local and global perspectives. This allowed me to be successful in my senior seminar classes and help the community with necessary training.

What are you currently working on that utilizes your global studies major in any capacity?

I recently finished an M.S. program in public administration and policy. The writing and analytical skills I attained from the global studies program allowed me to be competitive in graduate school. I feel that the program provided me with the foundation and tools to be successful. Currently, I work for a research consulting firm for the government. The organization specializes in international development, climate change research, equity, economics and more. However, I hope to start a Ph.D. program in government and politics, with a focus in international relations, within the next two years.

What advice would you give to prospective global studies majors?

Soak up as much knowledge and experience as possible. Complete that extra internship, take an elective that is outside of your comfort zone, go on trips or to conferences. College in itself is about growth and development because we never grow within our comfort zones. This program is perfect for that. Plus, you have the wonderful support of Professor Eager and can meet some of the most wonderful people ever!