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About this Program

The place within Hood College where disciplines merge, the realities of the world are confronted and where knowledgeable, engaged citizens of the world come of age.

Program Overview

By its very definition, the global studies major is interdisciplinary and draws upon both the humanities and social sciences for its relevant course work. Through partnerships with many academic units of the College, the core purpose of the global studies major is fostering a greater understanding of the interrelationships between countries and cultures.

In keeping with the traditions of a liberal arts education at Hood, we expect our majors to acquire an understanding of cultures that is multi-disciplinary and diachronic; to comprehend the interconnected socio-economic, political and cultural dimensions of global transformation; to obtain competency in a foreign language; and to be exposed to the complexity of global relations through a study abroad experience or relevant internship experience.

The global studies major curriculum includes a minimum of 37-46 credit hours. Students must take a minimum of 15 credit hours at the 300 level or above for successful completion of the major.

Degrees Offered

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Related Graduate Programs

The global studies minor engages with the dynamics of globalization in the world today and their historical foundations. It examines the multiple interconnections of states, regions, economies and societies. It studies the historical, political, commercial, cultural, environmental and technological aspects of this phenomenon. The purpose is to better understand the dynamic forces, both positive and negative, of modern globalization. The study of a foreign language beyond the college requirement is strongly recommended, but not required for the successful completion of the minor.

Max Rajaobelina-Phipps 
Political Science and Global Studies double major
Class of 2025

Due to the partnership between Hood College’s Center for Global Studies and the Osgood Center, students like Max were able participate in experiential learning in Washington, DC. Max, who is a double major in Political Science and Global Studies had this to say about the program.

“For ten days I had the pleasure of listening to and meeting a host of experienced leaders in a framework of scheduled talks with Q&A. From big-name lawyers to NGO leaders, to museum directors and Peace Corps executives, the Osgood Center’s program brought together a wide and diverse set of speakers to share their experiences in their select fields after decades of experience. The program was also incredibly important to me for networking and connection-building with not only speakers, but the program's highly capable and distinguished board and leadership. From a twenty-minute talk with a board member, I learned some of the most important lessons to date on my interest in studying abroad in China.”

Networks & Clubs

Join the Model UN, Public Leadership Education Network and other student organizations.

Study Abroad

Spend a semester or a year conducting research and exploring international destinations such as Argentina, France, Germany, Korea or England.

Career Outlook

Global studies majors work as interpreters, paralegals, political scientists, analysts and more.

Program Contact


Professor of Political Science, Department Chair

Paige Eager

Coordinator, Global Studies Minor


Our Faculty...

are committed teachers and mentors and represent a wide range of academic disciplines, interests and strengths.

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Paige Eager

Paige Eager

  • Professor of Political Science
  • Dean of the Faculty
  • Director, Center for Global Studies
  • Program Director, Global Studies Major
Tamelyn Tucker-Worgs

Tamelyn Tucker-Worgs

  • Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Chair, Department of Political Science
  • Associate Professor of African American Studies
  • Virginia E. Lewis Professor of Political Science
Rachel Hodge

Alumni Spotlight | Rachel Hodge ’20

Q&A Alumni

Rachel Hodge ’20, a global studies major, discusses what attracted her to the program and life after graduation.

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Maryam Iftikhar

Alumni Spotlight | Maryam Iftikhar ’22

Q&A Alumni

Maryam Iftikhar ’22, a global studies major, discusses her time at Hood and how the global studies program has influenced her post-grad career.

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