Ashlee Rowles '22 | Chair of the Board Scholar

Ashlee Rowles '22

Ashlee Rowles '22, a Chair of the Board Scholar and double major in economics and political science, reflects on her time at Hood College as she prepares for graduation.


Graduation Year



  • Economics (B.A.)
  • Political Science (B.A.)


  • The George B. Delaplaine Jr. School of Business
  • Political Science

Tell us where you’re from originally and share a bit about your background before college.

I am originally from Shippensburg, PA. This small rural town is quite different from Frederick, which almost made Hood College seem like it was from another world. I lived with my mother and two siblings growing up, and I always wanted to attend college, but it is very difficult to do so where I am from. Given that, I am very thankful for the opportunities I have had and continue to be given through Hood College.

Why did you decide to attend Hood College and how did you become interested in your major?

I learned about Hood College from a past soccer coach and fell in love with the campus when I visited. Despite being further away from home than I had ever been before, I felt Hood College’s campus was comfortable and welcoming.

I became interested in my major because of where I grew up. The opportunities that Hood College provided me with are beyond invaluable to me, and I want to be able to share those opportunities with those less fortunate to be given them. I knew that I wanted to help others and provide these avenues for education and self-success, because I believe everyone has the ability to reach great heights if they are given the support and access to do so. Political science felt like the right fit for this goal, and economics was my second major chosen due to my interest in how the methodology of cost and benefits is intrinsic to any initiative.

How has receiving the Chair of Board Scholarship benefited you?

This opportunity has quite literally allowed me to try to reach these goals here at Hood College, which has been beyond supportive and valuable as a resource for me. This alleviation of a very stressful factor for every college student has been nothing short of opportunistic as I am completing my undergraduate degree.

What has been a challenge you faced during your time at Hood and how did you overcome this obstacle?

I think people overlook that while we are at Hood College to become better students and experience an academic education, we are also becoming adults in the process and experiencing the education that comes with it. The past four years I have been challenged to not only be a better student, but also a better me. I have grown into myself much more, have more confidence in achieving my goals and aspirations, and through Hood College’s academics, have the education and tools to do so.

With this, a challenge was growing into an adult within the last four years. Time management and self-discipline were  independent challenges that I have had to learn to overcome, alongside balancing academics with my other obligations.

What is your proudest achievement during your time at Hood?

My proudest achievement has shifted with the past few years and what we all had to endure. Given this, my proudest achievement during my time at Hood College truly is graduation alongside my peers. I couldn’t be prouder of all of us who have no doubt struggled with this unprecedented time when all our challenges only got bigger. I think this accomplishment is already an important and proud moment, but even more so given what we have all lived through.

What are you plans for after graduation?

My plans for after graduation are to continue my education. I plan to attend a law school and keep providing myself with opportunities to help achieve my goals.

Do you have any advice to offer newly admitted Hood students?

Enjoy the time, even the experiences that don’t seem fun like homework or studying. The past four years have blown by, and there are so many times that I will hold dear for the rest of my life. This time here truly is an opportunity to grow into your best self, even without you noticing it. I encourage every student to take this opportunity to challenge yourself academically and socially. Make new friends and be open to new experiences, because the education that is available at Hood College doesn’t end in the classroom.