Cybersecurity Graduate Student Awarded Scholarship By Maryland Higher Education Commission

Erin Baker

"I am excited about the opportunity to take online classes. This adds even more flexibility to the cybersecurity program, and allows working families time to complete assignments at times that are convenient."

Erin Baker, M.S. IT/cybersecurity


  • Information Technology (M.S.)
  • Cybersecurity (M.S., Certificate)


  • Computer Science & Information Technology

Hood Coolege IT/cybersecurity graduate student, Erin Baker, was recently awarded a cybersecurity scholarship by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

Please provide a brief bio including your educational and career background.

My name is Erin Baker and I am currently a Hood College graduate student in the IT (MS) and cybersecurity certificate program.

I grew up in Montgomery County and attended Paint Branch High School. I went to Frostburg State University where I received my undergraduate degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. After college, I moved back to Frederick, MD where I taught first grade for approximately 5 years.

During this time, I attended Hood College and took classes towards a degree in psychology. My husband and I started our family in 2003 and while the children were younger, I stayed home with them and opened my own home daycare business. Once my youngest was ready for kindergarten, I took an opportunity to work at my church and became the Preschool Director of the church preschool. I began taking classes in the IT and cybersecurity program at Hood College last summer as I became interested in the field of technology.

I was recently awarded a cybersecurity scholaship by the Maryland Higher Education Commission which will help to cover approximately half of my tuition this year.

Congratulations! Could you please share more about your awarded scholarship? 

The scholarship I received is part of the Cybersecurity Public Service Scholarship Program offered through the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

It supports students who are pursuing academic programs that have been identified by the Secretary of Higher Education as being directly relevant to the field of cybersecurity. In looking for scholarships specifically for women in cybersecurity, I came across this scholarship awarded by the state of Maryland.

Applying for this scholarship was a difficult decision to make as it required full-time student status. However, this opportunity presented a great way to help defer the cost of taking three graduate course on a limited budget, so I applied and was nominated.

How will this scholarship impact your education?

This scholarship will impact my education in a huge way. By completing Hood College's IT/cybersecurity degree in such a short period of time, I will be able to look for jobs that will help me further my career in technology.

It will allow me to explore different paths and provide many new opportunities.

What do you like about Hood’s cybersecurity program? How did it help you with your career/skills development?

Hood’s cybersecurity program has been a wonderful graduate program for me. It is quite difficult to work full time, have a family and go to school full time.

The cybersecurity program has been flexible and accommodating. The faculty is always willing to help and provide feedback in a timely manner. I am excited about the opportunity to take online classes. This adds even more flexibility to the IT/cybersecurity program, and allows working families time to complete assignments at times that are convenient.

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