FCPS Board of Education Recognizes New National Board Certified Teachers

MD State Board of Education Recognizes New National Board Certified Teachers

National Board Certification is an advanced professional certification for PreK-12 educators that is completely voluntary. The certification is based on a very difficult peer-reviewed and performance-based process that is similar to professional medical certifications.

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By achieving National Board Certification (NBC), educators demonstrate that their teaching meets and exceeds the national standards set for educators. The National Board Certification has been shown to increase overall teacher effectiveness in the classroom which is an incredible asset to the community.

On February 13, 2019, the Frederick County Public Schools Board of Education recognized the new National Board Certified Teachers. These nationally certified teachers all took Hood College's graduate education course EDUC 539 during fall 2017 with instructor Andrea Robinson-Tejada. Hood College is very proud that 100% of the students in this class passed the NBC course which is a remarkable achievement considering the nationwide initial pass rate has previously stated to be 40% or less.

The Graduate School at Hood College extends the biggest congratulations to the newly recognized National Board Certified Teachers and congratulates instructor Andrea Robinson-Tejada as well!

Featured in the photo above, (left to right):
Andrea Robinson-Tejada (Instructor of EDUC 539 at Hood)
Jessica Kachur
Maria O'Toole
Mark Trice
Melissa Watson
Ashley Lancaster
Sarah Yoder
Kristen Rowe
Christy Graybeal, Chair of Hood College Education Department

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