Graduate Student Spotlight | Camila Costa, M.S.’23

“Hood College has provided plenty of classes exploring data analysis. I have also gotten the chance to work with programs used in data analysis while in courses at Hood.”



  • Management Information Systems (M.S.)


  • The George B. Delaplaine Jr. School of Business
  • Computer Science & Information Technology

Camila Costa, M.S.23, is a current student in the management information systems M.S. program. Camila joined the program in 2021 and plans on graduating this May. Outside of Hood, Camila is an intern at Phoenix Mecano, where she assists the company in data analysis and marketing. Camila is originally from Brazil, and she moved to the United States in 2018.

What attracted you to Hood College? When did you begin studying here?

I was going to school at Frederick Community College with English as a second language. My professors recommended that I look into Hood College for technology-related degrees. I began considering Hood in 2019, and I started studying here in 2021.

What got you interested in STEM?

Seeing the different approach to the learning process in the United States compared to Brazil caught my interest. The combination of skills seemed very intriguing and useful for my background and education.

How did you begin interning at Phoenix Mecano?

My adviser at Hood helped me figure out my career path and eventually recommended the internship opening at Phoenix Mecano to me.

What is the internship like?

Most of the time, I do data analysis. I have gotten a lot of exposure to different projects around the company. My employers need someone who can work with the data and explain what the numbers say about company trends or past situations. I have also done marketing, and I have worked with company engineers. My set of skills proved to be a good match for Phoenix Mecano.

I felt very comfortable when I got there. The team was welcoming, and they considered the contributions I could make to the company. I felt okay with putting my ideas out there and being trusted by the people I would work with.

Have other resources at Hood College helped with your work at Phoenix Mecano?

The Hood College Career Center is very useful. They know the local companies and can give you recommendations about ones that would fit you best. You should also put yourself out there on sites like Handshake and attend the career fairs on campus. These resources can help you find an internship or job.


Are there any other fun facts or trivia about yourself that you would like to share?

I love to hike and to be outside. I really enjoy exploring Maryland’s scenery, like the waterfalls and areas full of greenery.

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