Hood Nursing Students | DAISY Award Winners

Jennifer Dumps and Erika Henriquez

The DAISY Award recognizes the extraordinary work of nurses throughout the country. Hood College nursing alum Jennifer Dumps ’22 and current student Erika Henriquez ’24 are both proud recipients of this honor. In this conversation, they discuss their time in Hood’s nursing BSN program and what it means to be a DAISY Award winner.

Q&A with Jennifer Dumps ’22 and Erika Henriquez ’24


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What attracted you to Hood College?

Jennifer Dumps: The campus is beautiful, has a lot of history and is located in a great spot.

Erika Henriquez: I love how close it is to home and the beautiful campus.

Why did you decide to pursue nursing?

JD: Many reasons. You can do so much with a nursing degree. You are immersed in a world of knowledge where you get to help others.

EH: It’s been my dream for years. I have always enjoyed taking care of people. Serving in the Navy as a hospital corpsman and working with really awesome nurses fueled my passion even more.

What is the most challenging part of nursing? What is the most rewarding?

JD: Nursing school is way different than working as a nurse. Right now as a new graduate, being a nurse is exciting but scary and has its own unique world of challenges outside of school. Being able to advocate for patients is such a reward.

EH: The most challenging part of nursing is connecting with patients/clients and then ending the client-nurse relationship at the end of care. You desire the best for each person you encounter. But this also ties into the most rewarding part—building these trusting relationships during care and impacting a person’s life in a special way.

How does it feel to be a DAISY Award winner?

JD: I am incredibly honored!

EH: It’s an honor to be a DAISY Award winner. It reminds me that everything I do matters.

Do you have any advice for future nursing students?

JD: These next few years will challenge you in ways you may not have been challenged before in life. I failed exams and classes but did not give up thanks to family and friends reminding me why I started this journey. Keeping a positive support system around you during nursing school is vital to your success.

EH: In your most challenging moments, remember the why of your journey. You will have to remind yourself often. I do this because I truly love caring for people.

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