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About this Program

The nursing program at Hood College provides the skills for the increasing complexity of healthcare in the 21st century by offering a foundation of liberal arts courses and supplemental nursing education focusing on leadership, research and evidence-based practice, critical thinking, nursing theory and communications.

Program Overview

Nursing Department Mission

The Hood College Department of Nursing strives to prepare nursing students for reflective, culturally competent nursing practice through the systematic study of the liberal arts and the science of nursing. By promoting the exploration of innovative practices, the incorporation of technology and research, and the pursuit of knowledge, we inspire our nursing students to advocate for the improved health of the individuals and families that make up the diverse global community. 

Student Outcomes

  • Integrate nursing science, humanities, behavioral and physical sciences as a basis for safe nursing practice including clinical reasoning, critical thinking and judgment.  
  • Provide caring and competent nursing care to culturally diverse clients in a changing and complex healthcare environment across the lifespan 
  • Support optimal health outcomes for patients, families, communities and populations through actions that include health promotion, disease prevention, autonomy, and advocacy 
  • Utilize effective communication strategies to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to provide patient-centered care 
  • Safely utilize information technologies to promote optimal patient care 
  • Apply basic organizational and systems leadership for quality care, ethical practice and patient safety 
  • Cultivate professional development by making a commitment to life-long learning and professional activities 
  • Evaluate the health policy, regulation and payment process for the improvement of health care for all 
  • Integrate research, ethical principles and patient preference into clinical decision making through evaluative nursing practice 

How to Apply

The nursing program at Hood College is competitive, and the application process is completed in two steps; students will be accepted to the College before they are evaluated for admission to the nursing program. For more information about applying to the nursing program as a freshman, click here. For more information about applying to the nursing program as a transfer student, click here

Course Repeat Policy

Students who do not achieve a minimum grade of C in a nursing-required course may repeat that course once to earn a grade of C or better. Students are permitted to repeat a maximum of two nursing-required courses (each only once), to meet the nursing program requirements. The policy includes nursing-required courses taken at other institutions. Students are permitted to repeat one Nursing course (NUR prefix) once.          

Nursing-Required Courses

  • BIOL 104, BIOL 204, BIOL 232
  • CHEM 100 or 101, CHEM 105
  • PSY 101, PSY 239
  • SOC 101
  • PHIL 221 or approved alternate 

MA 112 (or PSY 211 or ECMG 212) is also a nursing-required course, however it is not included in the 2-course repeat policy.

Degrees Offered

  • BSN

Department Offering

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Program Contact

Linda Kennedy

Department Chair


Point of Pride

seal.pngThe Hood College nursing programs are approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing and the Maryland Higher Education Commission. The baccalaureate degree program in nursing at Hood College is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

All Faculty
Jennifer cooper

Jennifer Cooper

  • Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Hood Million Hearts
  • Faculty Athletic Representative

Anne Davis

  • Assistant Professor and Director of Nutrition Science

Linda Kennedy

  • Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Department Chair of Nursing