Nursing students

First-Year Nursing

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Hood College is competitive direct-entry program, and we recommend that students apply early in their senior year of high school. There is no additional application required for nursing applicants, but students will be reviewed through a two-step process in which they are accepted to Hood College prior to being evaluated for acceptance into the nursing program. Students will be considered for admission into the program in two rounds.

Round 1: Students who are accepted to Hood College before Dec. 1 will be considered for acceptance to the nursing program during round oneDecisions will be mailed by Dec. 15. Students accepted during the first round are asked to respond to the offer by March 1; this response is non-binding.

Round 2: Students who are not accepted to the nursing program during round one will be automatically considered during round two and are encouraged to submit mid-year senior grades to supplement their applications. The round two deadline is March 1, and decisions will be mailed by March 15.

Students who are not accepted to the nursing program may still enroll at Hood and take the first-year nursing courses. If these students show exceptional achievement and promise, they may apply to formally enter the nursing program at the end of their freshman year.