Meet Emmanuel Cosmas Msoka '27 | Chegg Global Student Prize Finalist

Emmanuel Cosmas Msoka

Emmanuel Cosmas Msoka ’27 is an incoming first-year student majoring in business administration. He was recently recognized as a Top 50 Finalist for the Global Student Prize, which is awarded to students from around the world who are champions of change.



  • Business Administration (B.A.)


  • The George B. Delaplaine Jr. School of Business

Where are you from originally and why did you choose to study at Hood?

I am from Tanzania. I chose to study at Hood College because of its good academic reputation, growing and diverse community, and commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and social responsibility. I believe that Hood College provides an environment that aligns with my values and will offer me opportunities to further develop my leadership skills and contribute to positive change on a global scale.

How did you become interested in your major?

My interest in my major stems from a combination of personal experiences and a desire to contribute to solving pressing global challenges. Witnessing the impact of various issues on children and youths in my community and being actively involved in addressing them through innovation have fueled my passion in business administration as a field of study. I believe that through my major, I can further develop my innovative solutions into startups and bigger businesses in the near future and contribute to creating a sustainable future for all.

Tell us about your volunteer and advocacy work outside of the classroom. Why is this extracurricular work important to you?

Outside of the classroom, I have been extensively involved in volunteer work and innovation. As an award-winning innovator, change-maker and UNICEF Youth Advocate, I have been addressing issues affecting children and youth, both at national and international levels. Through workshops, summer camps, seminars and mentorship programs, I aimed to inspire and empower other young people to take action for positive change. This work is essential to me because I firmly believe that youth participation, leadership and innovation are crucial components for achieving a sustainable future. By actively engaging with the community and advocating for positive change, we can contribute to a better society.

Congratulations on being named a Top 50 Finalist for the Global Student Prize! How does it feel to have received this recognition?

Thank you! It is an incredible honor and privilege to be named a Top 50 Finalist for the Global Student Prize. This recognition reaffirms my commitment to creating positive change and serves as a testament to the power of youth engagement and innovation. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a prestigious initiative, and it motivates me even further to continue advocating for sustainable development and empowering fellow young people to be active change agents in their communities.

Why do you believe education is the key to a better future?

Education is the key to a better future because it equips individuals with knowledge, critical thinking abilities and the skills necessary to address complex challenges and build sustainable communities. When we invest in education, we empower people to break the cycle of poverty, promote equality and drive change through innovation.

Through education, we foster a sense of global citizenship and empathy, promoting understanding and cooperation among diverse cultures and backgrounds. It enables us to tackle pressing issues, such as climate change, social inequality and economic disparities, with informed and innovative solutions. By empowering young minds with education, we pave the way for a generation of leaders who can envision a brighter future and work collectively towards achieving it. As I embark on my journey to Hood College, my new home, I eagerly anticipate access to high-quality educational resources and a supportive community that will guide me through my undergraduate education.