Spotlight on Larry Stewart, M.S. Computer Science '19

Larry Stewart

Larry Stewart, M.S. Computer Science '19, received an "Outstanding Student" award from Hood College's Computer Science Department.

Larry Stewart, M.S. Computer Science

Graduation Year



  • Computer Science (M.S.)


  • Computer Science & Information Technology

Can you give a quick bio? Any general background that you'd like to share.

For the last 15 years, I’ve been working as a pilot and manager at several aviation companies, from flight instructing to a private jet flying, to aerial surveying from helicopters.

How did you leverage your aviation experience while studying at Hood College?

I wouldn’t say that aviation experience directly contributed to my success at Hood College, but some general traits which are required for success in aviation I have found to be useful in many endeavors. The ability to quickly prioritize possible actions and decide what to take next keeps things moving along, even when no lives are at stake.  Also, when planning something, leave enough time to check every single detail. Twice.

What do you plan to do next?

I’ve been working as a software engineer for VeraChem for over two years now, and it’s a great job.  We’re a small company so I have responsibility for several different projects, and we’re involved in basic scientific research which is most often applied in developing new compounds to cure disease. No plans to do anything other than growing the company.

What is a piece of advice you would share with a current student studying computer science at Hood?

I wish I had some particular insight on this. It’s nice to be recognized as ‘The Outstanding’ and you would think I would have some ‘secrets of my success’ or some such to share.  I don’t.  If I’ve had any outsize success which is attributable to my actions I believe it derives from a personal confluence of life experience and circumstance, events, which, truthfully, I wouldn’t wish on other people.

Otherwise, I don’t think computer science students need my advice. They have already shown themselves to be practical in pursuing a field with strong employment prospects, and diligent, in so far as they are already involved, and it took them plenty of work to get this far.  My advice is to keep it up.

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