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Honors Program

Contact information

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Entrance information

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Please prepare a 500-750 word response to the prompt below. Write and edit your response in a word-processing program, then carefully proofread and edit your essay before pasting it into the text box below.

  •  Describe one of your most exciting intellectual experiences (for example, a book you read, a paper you wrote, an experiment you designed, a trip you took, a research project or discussion in which you participated, etc.) and discuss how it has influenced your thinking.



If submitting by U.S. mail, please return your completed application and any supplementary materials to:

Karen Hoffman, Ph.D., and Craig Laufer, Ph.D., Co-Directors
Honors Application
Office of Admission
Hood College
401 Rosemont Avenue
Frederick, MD 21701-8575

In addition to submitting an application to Hood College and an Honors application essay, Honors Program applicants are required to 1) submit SAT or ACT scores and 2) complete a phone, Skype or campus interview with a member of the Honors Program Scholarship Committee.

Within a few weeks of submitting an Honors application essay, SAT or ACT test scores and completed application to Hood College, Honors Program applicants should receive an email from a member of the program's Scholarship Committee establishing a day and time for an interview. Any applicant who does not receive such an email should contact to confirm receipt of the Honors application essay.

Note: Honors Program application essays will be read by members of the Honors Program Scholarship Committee, which includes current Honors students.