Tischer Scholars to Present Year-Long Research

FREDERICK, Maryland—Twenty-seven Hood College students will present their year-long research projects on April 19 on campus in Rosenstock Hall.

The 2019 Christine P. Tischer Scholars Departmental Honors presentations will take place from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. in Rosenstock Hall, beginning with an opening session in Hodson Auditorium. A reception will take place after the presentations in Whitaker Campus Commons from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Eligible Tischer Scholars are students who have earned an overall GPA of 3.0 and a 3.5 in their major at the end of their junior year. They are usually invited to participate in Departmental Honors work during their senior year. The prestigious and highly selective, year-long program is designed for students who wish to pursue intensive research or a special project. These students have been designated Christine P. Tischer Scholars since the 2000-01 academic year in honor of the 1965 Hood alumna who has generously supported the program.

The following students will present their research:

  • Cecilia Adams: “Is Laughter the Best Democratic Medicine? Political Comedy and Its Effect”
  • Matthew Ball: “Comparison of Wildtype and cDNA Clone Derived Trinidad Donkey Strain of Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus”
  • Alex Baughman: “Rebellion, Republic and Resistance: Exploring the Politics of Disney’s Star Wars Films”
  • Monica Andrea Gutierrez: “Intimate Topographies: A Journey with Tomás Eloy Martinez”
  • Jayla Harris: “What’s Partisanship Got to do With It? Racial Disparities of Maternal and Infant Mortality in North Carolina”
  • Anastazia Jablunovsky, “Lowering Melting Temperatures of Carbohydrate Binding Modules through Site Directed Mutagenesis”
  • Abraham Kettor, “The History of Algerian Immigrants’ Search for Identity in France: An Analysis through French Film, Historical and Political Context between France and Algeria”
  • Maisha Khan, “Development of an Assay for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing of Coxiella burnetii”
  • Jared A. Knowles, “Political Expenditure and Congressional Election Success”
  • Dana La Force, “Social Media Usage and its Relationship to Personality”
  • Patrick Mark
  • Abbey McAlister, “Mental Health Stigma in a Politically Polarized United States”
  • Payton Mills, “Constructing and Deconstructing the Austen Female Identity”
  • Elias Nicholson, “Regulation and Discrimination: Race and Interest Rate Mark-ups”
  • Brendon J. Page, “Un Rêve Français à la Lumière de l’Art Japonais Pendant le 19ème Siècle au début du 20ème Siècle”
  • Olivia Peterson, “Dramatic Aspirations at Villa Borghese: The Theatrics of Bernini’s Sculptural Group”
  • Max Reidel-Topper, “Targeted Mutagenesis of Human BRCA2 vs Recombineering for Functional Evaluation of Unclassified Variants”
  • Melissa Rifkin, “Investigating the Effects of Flynap (Triethylamine) on Behavior and Related Gene Expression in Wildtype and White Mutants of Drosophilia melanogster”
  • Hanah Romsburg, “Exploring Community and Mortuary Rituals through the Use of Plastered Crania in the Levantine Pre-Pottery Neolithic B”
  • Erin Schwagerl, “Examining the Impact of Social Support Accessibility on Frederick County K-12 Students”
  • Laura Schweinfurth, “Un Vrai Cinéma Politique: Une Analyse des Opinions Politiques de Jean-Luc Godard et leur Évolution comme les Montrent dans ses Films”
  • Alexandra Skouras, “Libertad de Expresión un Mordaza Limitaciones y Consequencia de la Transicion en la Presente Democracia Espanõla”
  • Gina Sterling, “And? How American Popular Culture Embraced Cynicism in the Digital Media Age”
  • Amanda Tapscott, “The Relationship Between Abortion Attitudes and Ratings of Responsibility for Unintended Pregnancies”
  • Peggy Trujillo, “Reel or Real: Female Heroism in Hollywood”
  • Julia Tyson, “The Impact of Arts Education on Student Success”
  • Ian Wittler, “Predicting Mortality of Diabetic Patients in an ICU Setting”

For more information, contact Mary Jean Hughes at hughes@hood.edu.

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