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If you feel that you or someone at the College has been a victim of discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct, please complete the form below.

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By submitting this report, please understand that the College will begin a prompt and impartial inquiry. Hood College will take steps to prevent retaliation as a result of this complaint. In the event that you have been retaliated against, please inform College officials immediately in order to address the behavior. 

Information about on Hood College’s policies on discrimination, harassment and/or bias can be found in the following sources:

Thank you for being willing to report this information. Please provide as much information as you can to assist us in our review of the matter. 

You can request a private, confidential meeting with the ombudsperson for additional assistance. You may reach the ombudsperson through a confidential email ombuds@hood.edu.

You may also contact Tammi Simpson, vice president for community and inclusivity, at simpson@hood.edu or 301-696-3573.