Discrimination, Harassment and Misconduct Report

If you feel that you or someone at the College has been a victim or discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct, please complete the form below. You can find information on Hood College’s Policy by clicking on Prevention and Resolution of Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct (Policy 55) and you may click on information regarding the College’s Nondiscrimination Policy 

Please be advised that you may submit an anonymous report. The College will respond to situation based on the information provided. 

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By submitting this report, I understand that the College will act on this notification by beginning a prompt and impartial investigation relying on this information. I further acknowledge that the College may need to provide information contained in this complaint to the respondent as part of a fair and impartial investigation and/or grievance process and in order to take appropriate steps to prevent recurrence of the discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct in this complaint. I acknowledge that Hood College will take steps to prevent retaliation as a result of this complaint being received and processed. In the event that I determine that retaliatory behavior is being exhibited toward me, I understand the need to inform appropriate College officials to address this behavior. By submitting this online complaint form, I certify that the aforementioned information provided is true and correct. False reports will be processed in accordance with the appropriate Hood College process and may involve subsequent legal action for the false report. At this time, I would like this to be considered: Choose one option below.

Informal process: The complainant in consultation with the Ombudsperson will determine an appropriate approach to resolving the complaint. It may include direct communication between the complainant and the respondent or mediation individually or jointly as provided under the grievance process. Please note that sexual misconduct complaints are not subject to mediation under the Campus Save Act.

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Thank you for being willing to report this information. Please provide as much information as you can to assist us in our investigation of the matter.  You can request a private, confidential meeting with the ombudsperson for additional assistance.  You may reach the ombudsperson through a confidential email ombus@hood.edu or via a confidential telephone line at 301-696-3592.