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Nov. 22: Hood Partners with FCPS for Vanguard Teacher Program

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

FREDERICK, Md.—Hood College has begun a partnership with the Frederick County Public School System to offer a leadership development program intended to grow teacher skills in the area of blended learning and to provide teachers with the opportunity to earn graduate credit.

The Vanguard Teacher Program aims to develop competency-based, teacher leadership in public schools across the county. Hood will provide nine credits of course work in three classes that complement the objectives and goals of the Vanguard Program.

FCPS and Hood College will collaborate regularly to design, assess and redesign these courses as determined by school system needs and priorities. Program participants who desire the graduate credits must be accepted to Hood College as nondegree students, and classes will take place in FCPS facilities.

The program will focus on four areas of teaching competencies: mindset, instructional technology, teaching practices and professional learning and networking. Participants will learn mindsets to help them shift toward new forms of teaching and learning that align with the goals of FCPS. They will learn to use technology in their lessons to transform learning experiences to result in higher levels of achievement for students. Teaching practices will discuss best practices including the use of digital content, small group instruction, opportunities for student reflection and data-driven decision making. Professional learning and networking will help teachers learn how to implement skills such as collaboration and problem solving in their classrooms.

Vanguard Program students will be able to earn credits toward a related master’s degree in education at Hood while completing the program.