Student Learning Outcomes

At Hood College, we are committed to teaching excellence. Program goals and learning outcomes identify what we expect students to learn, think critically about and accomplish in their courses and programs of study at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. We believe an integrated learning approach that combines a strong grounding in the liberal arts with advanced study in the major and opportunities for internships and research initiatives is the best way to prepare students for lives of purpose and civic engagement.

Graduates earning a bachelor’s degree in law and criminal justice from Hood College:

  1. Identify and explain the legal concepts, underlying theories and policy implications in both fields of the major.
  2. Understand the role of case law and precedent in our legal system.
  3. Effectively prepare students for law school and employment in the law and criminal justice fields.
  4. Promote an-depth experience and advancement of law, legal institutions, and the rule of law through advanced research and scholarship.
  5. Organize and deliver cogent and persuasive verbal and written skills.