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  • Kerri A Eyler P'21
    Department Assistant
    Phone: 301-696-3763

Recent Faculty Scholarship/Achievements

Breneman, C., & Mays, S. (2021, April 29). Measuring psychiatric rehabilitation outcomes: Strategies for success. Pennsylvania Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Annual Conference. Online.

Breneman, C. (2020, Sept. 9). Grief & loss: Experiences of case managers, clients, and families. (Webinar). National Association of Case Management.

Gricus, M. (2022). Evaluating professional misconduct: The effects of licensure state and board membership. Research on Social Work Practice, 33, 97-109.  

Gricus, M., & Wysiekierski, L. (2021). Social workers’ perceptions of their peers’ unprofessional behavior. Journal of Social Work

Moore, L., Adamczyk, A., Ryan, M., & Ovadia, S. (2021). Shifting religious influences on attitudes towards same-sex behavior and civil liberties: A multilevel across-time Analysis.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 00 (0): 1-24.

Peterson, L. T., & Gricus, M. (2022). A qualitative exploratory study of family inclusion in Assertive Community Treatment: Challenges and possibilities. Families in Society. 

Sanders, J. (2021). A continuum of older women’s experiences as members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): A qualitative analysis,” Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 39(1), 30-46.