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Art & Archaeology, Studio Art Concentration (B.A.)

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About this Program

Share your artistic passion on the canvas and in the classroom.

Program Overview

The studio art concentration includes courses in design, drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography and printmaking. You will choose to specialize in one of these areas. Your artwork will be displayed in real exhibit galleries on campus.

Hood also offers short workshops and demonstrations in ceramics featuring nationally and internationally renowned guest artists. Studio faculty are active arts professionals, exhibiting their own work widely. Our close ties to the major museums and galleries in the area will give you a rich and varied exposure to historical and contemporary art.

The recent renovations at Tatem Arts Center added 6,300 square feet of newly designed space, including an archaeology lab, dedicated spaces for senior studio arts students, expanded ceramics wheel and glazing rooms, an Apple computer lab, and newly-outfitted spaces for drawing, painting and printmaking.

The Studio Arts Minor

The minor in studio art exposes students to fundamentals of design, drawing and painting. You will develop advanced visual and creative thinking skills. Fine art is about layers of meaning and the visual message in relationship to us as people.

Students are required to address challenging questions and become more visually articulate. As the world moves toward a fast-paced, visual-based, computer-linked society, it is within studio art that rigorous academic studies and personal expression merge in a new understanding of life as an integrated whole. The cognitive skills developed during the creative process span the skills needed for a creative approach to life.

Degrees Offered

  • BA

Department Offering

Program Contact

Jennifer Ross

Professor of Art & Archaeology, Department Chair


Chaz Martinsen

Visiting Assistant Professor of Ceramic Arts


Jacob Muldowney

Assistant Professor of Studio Arts


Our faculty...

are experienced artists, art historians and archaeologists, with varied backgrounds.

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