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History (B.A.)

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About this Program

The Hood College history department offers a wide array of fascinating courses about the human past, covering periods and subjects from the ancient world through recent American and global topics.

Program Overview

As a liberal-arts discipline, the study of history prepares students for life and work by training them in critical thinking, research, information literacy, writing, argumentation and presentation skills. While many history students go on to work in education, museums or various historical fields, many others find their careers in law, government, business, the media and the nonprofit sector. Historical study is a broad, flexible training that fits a person for all sorts of roles in a rapidly changing world and workplace.

At Hood, ur faculty members enjoy working closely with students in small classes, research projects, internships and independent study projects. History students often explore historical topics not only in the classroom but also at local worksites, through internships at such locations as Frederick Historical Society, Harper’s Ferry National Historical Park, the Walters Art Museum, the Monocacy Battlefield, the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum or the National Museum of Civil War Medicine.

History Concentration

  • Public History

Degrees Offered

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Our students have completed internships at Yellowstone National Park, the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park and beyond.

Local History

Explore a wide variety of historical sites right here in Frederick, from Civil War battlefields to museums and monuments.

Career Outlook

Historians work in education, government, publishing, the arts and the nonprofit sector, among other diverse fields.

Program Contact

Assistant Professor of History, Department Chair


Our faculty...

publish books and articles, travel internationally, bring research into the classroom, and advise and mentor students daily. They represent a wide range of interests and strengths; their primary concern is teaching.

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Corey Campion

Corey Campion

  • Associate Professor of History and Global Studies
  • Program Director, Master's in Humanities
  • Chair, Department of History