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Theatre & Drama (Minor)

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About this Program

Drama and its active practice, theatre, is an art form dedicated to expression and communication; exposure to and training in it can also serve students in a range of non-performative areas of study, such as education, business administration and social work.

Program Overview

Student playThe theatre and drama minor specialies in two areas: playwriting and the play; and improvisational theatre and comedy. Each semester, we will choose one playwright and produce their play; and develop Chicago-style, long-form improvisation, as well as original sketch comedy shows developed through improvisation.

During the summer, we host an incubator for new plays – Summer INK!

We also have a student-run theatre group (The Rude Globe) and an improv troupe (Hood Improv Troupe – HIT!).  All students are welcome to participate in the many theatrical events we have at Hood throughout the year.  

Degrees Offered

  • Minor

Program Contact

Elizabeth Knapp

Department Chair


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