Hood College Counseling Programs Gain National Accreditation


Interview with Andrew Campbell, Ph.D., Program Director, Hood Counseling programs

CACREP Accreditation


  • Counseling, Clinical Mental Health (M.S.)
  • Counseling, School Counseling (M.S.)


  • Psychology & Counseling

Can you provide a brief introduction and bio/background of your academic journey?

My name is Andrew Campbell, Ph.D., and I act as Program Director for Hood College's Counseling programs in Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling.

I had a rambling journey before I ended up at Hood College. I attended the University of Michigan and then the University of Pennsylvania for degrees in Psychology and Education, respectively. I then worked as a high school teacher and joined the Peace Corps in the Pacific Island of Tonga. Eventually, I ended up working at a non-profit in Washington, DC. It was there that I decided to pursue my doctorate. I eventually got my Ph.D. in Counseling from George Washington University.

Hood College's Counseling program just became CACREP-accredited - what can you tell us about this process?

It was trying, to say the least! In a nutshell, the CACREP process involved the Counseling faculty crafting a plethora of very extensive spreadsheets, rubrics, and other documents in an effort to demonstrate how we support and assess our students. It was three years in the making (we started in 2016), and we’re beyond excited that we’re now one of only four programs in the state that are accredited. Kudos to Hood College and its faculty!

How will this national accreditation leverage the Counseling students' experience?

We’re incredibly excited for what the CACREP accreditation will mean for our students and Hood College's Counseling program. Accreditation means that our program is nationally recognized as one of the best at educating new counselors, and it ensures that we will continue to properly support students in their work to become effective clinical and school counselors. It also facilitates the process by which alumni can become licensed clinical mental health counselors and certified school counselors, which we know they appreciate.

Can you describe your experience working at Hood College?

I’ve had an excellent time at Hood College! I started in Fall 2015 as the first full-time counseling faculty, and worked with Interim Program Director, Dr. Elizabeth MacDougall, to set the program up and move it in the right direction. I’ve had a fantastic experience with the counseling program faculty and psych department as a whole.

We’re a wonderful family and I’ve felt so supported by them and the Hood community more largely. The counseling faculty have worked to connect with a range of local school districts and counseling centers. It feel like we are now an important part of the Frederick counseling community.

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