Meet Your Alumni Executive Board Member

Elaheh Eghbal

Elaheh Eghbal '13, M.A.’21, C’21 has been on the Alumni Executive Board since 2013. She chairs the Alumni & Student Engagement Committee.

Alumni & Student Engagement

Graduation Year

2013, 2021


  • Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies (B.A.)

Elaheh Eghbal'13, M.A.’21, C’21 has been on the Alumni Executive Board since 2013. She chairs the Alumni & Student Engagement Committee.

What drew you to Hood College? What did you study? 

I was initially introduced to Hood by my father, who was familiar with the College because of his work with the late Dr. Len Latkovski, Professor of History. I agreed to go on a school tour—if only junior-year-high-school Me knew what was to come! Once a student, it took me lots of exploration before deciding to major in Middle Eastern studies with a minor in global studies. I was very excited (and had a little FOMO) to hear that global studies had become a major in 2014!

By 2019, I had the itch to go back to school. The stars aligned when I was starting a new job in Brunswick, MD and saw that Hood’s Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Behavior (ISHB) graduate program fit my needs. The coursework was a perfect way for me to apply my interests in humans and psychology as well as my work in marketing. In 2021, I graduated with my ISHB master’s degree with a certificate in thanatology. 

What are you up to these days? 

I’m working as the semiconductors program marketing lead at MITRE Engenuity. I manage the marketing for a number of programs, one of which is Circuit Talk, a video and podcast series with semiconductor industry experts. Personally, I’m continuing to enjoy living in Downtown Frederick, which means I get to be neighbors with and run into many Hood alums!  

What are your favorite Hood memories?

It’s hard to pick! As an undergrad, my favorite memory is probably winning Policies for Dollars my first year. The energy throughout Memorial Hall across all class years will forever hold a special place in my heart. Another fond memory is of my senior year when I was stage manager for the Hood College Student Musical Theater production of “Avenue Q.” For my graduate studies, I was back on familiar ground but with a little more confidence, stronger relationships, and more to contribute to the classroom. It was incredibly powerful to take Dr. Janis Judson’s Civil Liberties course during a time when our country was at a tipping point. 

What is your vision for the Alumni Executive Board Alumni and Student Engagement committee?

The Alumni and Student Engagement Committee has so much potential! There are many recent alums who could have benefited from some guidance and mentorship from alumni. One of the big areas I want to focus on is building those relationships. We have two initiatives that are still in development - Small Group and Buddy Program - that will allow alumni and students to engage with one another in a format that fits their needs and preferences. I also see the Committee being a conduit for helping alumni determine how they want to engage with the College. I strongly believe some of the most meaningful ways for alumni to engage involve building relationships with students or campus departments to ultimately better support students. If any alumni out there have ideas to engage with students, or if you simply want to engage with the campus community, please reach out!  

Alumni can reach out about engaging with current Hood students by emailing