Sarah Buckley

Sarah Buckley

Honors student uses X-credit to blog about food waste.

Sarah Buckley: X-credit Sparks Interest in Investigating Food Waste

It can be difficult to balance what needs to be done and what one wants to do, especially in college. However, Sarah Buckley found a balance through engaging in an X-credit. X-credits are an extra credit that you can add on to a class to do independent work and earn credit. Through her X-credit, Sarah was able to use her concerns about food waste to write blogs related to finding solutions to this issue. Buckley has not only managed to incorporate her interests into the learning experience at Hood College, but she has thrived doing so.


When asked about why she chose this subject, Buckley stated that where our food goes is very important and is not often discussed. There are not a lot of options to get rid of food, and she wanted to reveal to those who read the blogs just how much food we waste and how to improve the amount and ways we dispose of it. Buckley also noted that the project pushed her to be more creative and that she was grateful for the opportunity to pursue her interests through it.


In relation to the Honors Program, the program’s course related to sustainability sparked her interest in food waste and agriculture. Currently, Buckley remains passionate about these subjects. In fact, there may be a research paper written by her in the near future. Look out for that! In the meantime, check out her blogs on exploring what is food waste and initiatives to fight food waste!